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Singers and Spooks

Autumn is always a busy time of the year with lots to look forward to. This week we've begun preparing in earnest for Halloween - our craft-loving ladies have been hard at work on a range of fantastic themed projects from witch hats to scarecrow bottles with lots more in the pipeline. Once again, our creative team have gone to town on the decorations, with every kind of scary character imaginable featured - we've got ghosts and ghouls, spiders, skeletons, scarecrows and skulls. It's all lending a decidedly spooky vibe to our homes and providing much fodder for conversation among residents, visitors and staff alike.

On Monday, we were joined by local singer, Paul, who entertained us with a range of old classics. It was a fantastic, upbeat morning with lots of residents joining in with the songs they knew - Frank Sinatra's When you're smiling proving particularly popular.


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