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Palms Row Health Care named Menopause Friendly Employer

Palms Row Health Care has been awarded Menopause Friendly Accreditation as part of South Yorkshire Integrated Care by a panel of experts from Henpicked.

The accreditation recognises the hard work our team has undertaken to raise the awareness of menopause within the workplace. It was facilitated by South Yorkshire NHS Integrated Care Board (ICB), which brought together 15 partner organisations from the local authorities, foundation trusts, primary care, social care, and the voluntary sector to share learning and best practice on changing the culture around menopause in the workplace.

Partners collaborated on initiatives and the panel noted that all 15 organisations have "shown a real commitment to making menopause something that is discussed in day-to-day conversations."

Menopause-friendly initiatives at Palms Row include face-to-face menopause wellbeing sessions for staff, airconditioned Sensai well-being suites - which provide a cool, calm space away from the busy working environment, advice on nutrition, exercise and holistic therapies via Support Social Care Heroes, as well as free sanitary products and hand fans for menopausal women with unexpected bleeding.

With an overwhelmingly female workforce, good menopause care and training is vital and we are always striving for a positive change. We are delighted to have been recognised for our work in this area and are very grateful to South Yorkshire NHS ICB for facilitating the process.


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