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Palms Row urges MPs to take action on social care

Palms Row Health Care has joined care providers from across the country in a weekend of action designed to call for more support for care homes and front line staff.

As a member of the National Care Association (NCA), Palms Row has written to local MPs in Sheffield to ask them to support our sector by backing NCA’s call for the short- and medium-term solutions alongside culture change from Regulators and Commissioners.

Among the changes that have been called for, include a better rate of pay to attract newcomers to Social Care, a less complex and improved sponsorship system to allow providers to recruit from a worldwide labour market, the immediate addition of care staff on the Shortage occupation List and zero rate VAT for supplies to Care Homes.

Care homes have also called for a parity of esteem for Social Care equal to our National Health Service and Culture Change from Regulators & Commissioners to ensure a more collaborative approach and a fairer standing for SMEs.

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