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All residents and staff at Palms Row homes have now been offered the Covid-19 vaccine.

Westbourne Nursing Home was vaccinated a few days ago and, on Friday, Northfield residents and staff had their first vaccines against the disease.

The roll-out of the vaccination is vital in ensuring the most vulnerable in society are protected from the virus which has torn through communities across the country.

The Government plan is that once front line staff and the most vulnerable in society have been vaccinated and are protected, lockdown restrictions will be able to be eased as any outbreaks would have less of an impact on the NHS.

Nicola Richards, Director of Palms Row, commented:"The news that our homes have now been vaccinated will come as a huge relief to everyone. After the difficult challenging months during this pandemic the last few days have been emotional to us all. It is yet to be established if the vaccine reduces transmission, and there is still a long way to go until everyone most at risk is protected, which means that restrictions on visiting relatives in care homes will sadly have to remain in place.

"However, it does mean that our residents will be less likely to develop the serious symptoms associated with Covid-19 and we can start to look forward to the eventual return to some kind of normality and reuniting our residents with their loved ones."


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