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Newsletter: Getting Creative

Using creativity to complement dementia care

Unfortunately, we do have several staff members self-isolating, which is putting pressure on the remaining team members. However, we are keen to ensure that our residents still get to enjoy some normality, so we were pleased to be able to offer a range of craft activities in the dining room for our long-term residents this week.

We started off by making some beautiful art-work using pebbles. Residents arranged the stones on pieces of card and added detail in the form of pen-strokes and other embellishments. We mounted and framed the finished pictures and the end-result was really effective. We can’t wait to get them up on the wall!

Later in the week, we complemented our dementia care offering with some dementia-friendly crafts. Residents used brightly coloured buttons to represent leaves and flowers on tree templates. It was a popular activity and the pictures are already brightening up the rooms at Northfield.

At Westbourne, we are busily planning out the new layout for our recently refurbished lounge. The room has been decorated in lovely restful colours and we are looking forward to showing it off once all the new furniture is in situ. Watch this space!


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