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An update on COVID-19 to residents and families

For the first week since April 2020, we are pleased to report that we have had no new COVID-19 related infections, deaths nor new staff absences.

We know only too well the sacrifices that families, residents and staff have had to make in order for us to be in this position today. We thank you all.

We also will never forget the 24 residents who have lost their lives after testing positive for COVID-19. Our thoughts will always be with the family and the families of all of those who have lost loved ones to this terrible virus. We hope to hold a memorial service at our homes when it is safe to do so.

We hope these weekly updates have ensured that families have been kept as up-to-date as possible with what is going on.

While the pandemic is not over, we will provide these updates more infrequently now – as and when news or updates become available.

In the meantime families can follow our Facebook page to keep up to date with what is going on.

At all times we will continue our determination to stamp out the virus from our care homes and maintain hospital-standard levels of infection control. This means we may be “in lockdown” a bit longer than we would like, but resident and community safety must come first.

We will continue to post daily updates on Facebook showing life at our homes – please do follow us there.

Palms Row will provide all of the necessary support to make sure that ongoing care for residents continues in the same high standards that we have provided for many years, but we will also continue to put pressure on those who make the decisions and those who neglected care homes during the crisis.

I appeared on Good Morning Britain again this week calling on Boris Johnson to apologise for his criticism of providers and carers during the crisis.

They should be commending us for many of our staff risking their lives. Decision makers cannot be allowed to get away with deflecting the blame instead of accepting they have neglected social care.

The Sheffield Care Association will continue to push for more support from the Council and will ensure councillors and decision makers are held to account. You can follow them online:

Nicola Richards,


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