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There were emotional celebrations at a Sheffield care home as Raymond Shaw (93) serenaded his wife, June (92), for her birthday.

The couple have always lived in Sheffield and recently celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary at Newfield Care Home where they have been staying temporary due to ill health.

Laura Hibbard, Care Home Manager at Newfield, said:

"June was feeling a bit low because she would normally spend her birthday with her family and she would enjoy going for a drive so Ray sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her to cheer her up.

"Staff at the home set up a karaoke machine for him and he treated everyone to several of June’s favourite tunes including ‘We’ll Meet Again’ and ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’."

Raymond and June are due to be discharged from Newfield on Monday (6 July) and will be returning to their home in Stannington together.

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