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Following the hugely successful visitor pod at Northfield Nursing Home, we’re delighted to announce that the installation of an identical pod at Westbourne is now complete and residents started seeing loved-ones this week.

Along with care homes across the country, the Coronavirus pandemic forced our care homes to close to visitors earlier this year to protect our vulnerable residents.

Since then, our care home staff have arranged video calls and window visits for residents and families but our new visitor pods which are now in place at both of our homes mean residents and families have been reunited in person often for the first time in several months.

Nicola Richards, Director of Palms Row, commented:

"Our staff were extremely happy to arrange the first pod visits at Westbourne this week. This year has been extremely difficult for all of us but we are particularly conscious of the effects of our elderly not seeing their loved ones. It’s been wonderful to see residents having safe face to face visits with their family and friends again particularly as we enter the Christmas period."

The pods, which were purchased with local government infection prevention and control (IPC) funds, are fitted out with comfortable seating and speaker systems and are based in the gardens of our care homes. Their glass walls enable residents and visitors to sit near to each other and talk without the risk of spreading infection.

They are thoroughly cleaned by care home staff between each visit and visitors from one household are invited to book visits in advance with care home staff.


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