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Summer vibes

The weather has certainly kept up on our toes this week - from the blistering temperatures of Monday and Tuesday to rain by the end of the week. It was lovely to see the sunshine, but we were all relieved when the cooler temperatures finally arrived.

The beginning of the week was all about keeping cool so our residents were encouraged to take things easy with ice lollies in the ventilated lounges - very much appreciating the sun from a distance. Our lovely cooks worked hard to keep us all hydrated. On Tuesday, they produced an entire rainbow of smoothies for staff and residents to enjoy, with flavours ranging from Eton Mess to Cocoa Comfort. There was even a bright green Heroes Hydration garnished with fresh limes.

We've begun working on our summer displays, with residents having fun together creating ice cream and surfboard pictures to decorate the board. We will share a picture when it's complete. Meanwhile, our regular hairdresser, who is always a hit with residents, paid a visit midweek and left our ladies looking radiant with big smiles.

To end the newsletter this week, we'd like to send a big THANK YOU to Toren, who is married to Westbourne resident Ann. Toren has been baking and delivering a variety of delicious cakes and biscuits for our staff on a daily basis. They taste amazing and we feel thoroughly spoilt!


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