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Newsletter: Our approach to personal care

One of the biggest challenges people face as they get older is no longer being able to do things for themselves as they used to do. Some readily accept help from others, but many more people find it very difficult to deal with, in particular if it is a family member or friend who is offering the support.

At Palms Row, we are very sensitive to this which is why we ensure that our care is person-centred and respectful of privacy at all times.

Our carers work hard to build rapport and trust with each and every one of our residents - whether they live with us permanently or are joining on a temporary basis.

We listen to the wants and needs of the individual, supporting them to remain independent wherever possible, and we never take a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, by seeking input and direction from the start, we are able to put the relationship on a more equal footing which avoids infantilising and removes the feeling of being “done to”.

Personal care can be very important in helping older people to retain a sense of dignity and it is great to see the smiles of appreciation when we get it right.

We also find that the time spent curling hair or painting nails provides a valuable opportunity for an informal check-in when we can find out if there are any worries or concerns bubbling under the surface which can then be acted upon.

To find out more about how we provide personalised care, please do get in touch with us on or 0114 268 4400.


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