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Newsletter: Happy New Year from all at Palms Row

After a busy festive period, the past week has been more challenging for us here at Palms Row. We, like many, have been affected once again by Covid-19, as rates surge nationwide. This led to some of our plans for New Year unfortunately being shelved, but we have continued to focus on keeping our residents’ spirits up throughout this difficult time.

New Year Wishes

A quieter week has seen many of our residents enjoying a range of crafting activities together. Instead of New Year Resolutions, we have created a New Year Wish Tree and on Wednesday residents worked together in the dining room over a cup of tea to decorate paper hearts with jewels, flowers and ribbons.

Everyone was encouraged to write their hopes and wishes for the year ahead on the back of their heart, ready to hang on the tree, with good health and happiness for friends and relations proving most popular. We also made some colourful leaves which will look beautiful as part of our winter display.

January is always more relaxed than the freneticism of December, nevertheless, we are all looking forward to being able to restart some more of our activities in the next few weeks when we will hopefully once again be Covid-free. Until then the safety of our residents and staff remains our number one priority.


Want to know more about what we’re up to? Later this month we’ll be launching our brand new regular newsletter, bringing you a slice of life at Palms Row every week. Please send an email to to sign up.


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