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Newsletter: First signs of spring

After last week’s stormy weather, we’ve all appreciated the sunshine of the past few days and seeing the spring flowers coming out in the gardens. At Northfield, the conservatory is undergoing a transformation into a vintage tea room, so we’re all looking forward to being able to spend a lot more time enjoying the garden from the windows whilst we chat over a nice cup of tea and slice of cake. The new tea room is due to open next month and we can’t wait to share the results with you when it’s ready.

Bringing the garden indoors also forms a key part of our new creative theme - Spring. This week, we’ve enjoyed making flower cards using natural resources and beautiful bright daffodils using bun cases and yellow felt.

Next week, we’re looking forward to celebrating both Shrove Tuesday and St. David’s Day on 1st March and have some special menus - featuring pancakes and Welsh favourites - as well as creative activities planned to mark the occasion.


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