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National Day of Reflection

This Wednesday, we took part in a National Day of Reflection with staff and residents observing a national minute’s silence at 12pm.

Led by end-of-life charity Marie Curie, the National Day of Reflection was a day to reflect on the lives of the people who have died during the last two years and support the millions of people who are grieving. Whether from Covid or any other cause.

The day marked the anniversary of the first Covid-19 lockdown in the UK. The months that followed have been extremely difficult for people living and working in care homes as visits from family were restricted by law and care home residents across the country lost their lives to the pandemic.

At Northfield nursing home, the minute of silence was followed by a balloon release of 60 biodegradable balloons. A group of singers from the Sheffield Harmony Chorus then performed a specially-written song called “Care for our Carers” for staff and residents - the lyrics of which recognise and celebrate the important work of care workers.

Carers at both Northfield and Westbourne were also presented with hampers from the not-for-profit organisation Support Social Care Heroes (SSCH) as a token of acknowledgement and thanks for all their hard work.

Nicola Richards, Director of Palms Row Health Care and Founder of Support Social Care Heroes, said:

“It’s hard to overstate the pressure care homes have been under over the last two years. Our carers, residents and their families have faced it all with a level of unity and fortitude which makes me proud to work in the sector.

“It’s so important for us all to take this time to remember the loved ones we have lost and to support everyone who is still grieving.”

Alison Marshall, Deputy Housekeeper at Northfield Care Home in Sheffield, added:

“The last two years have been very hard and there have been sad times. I think today is important so we can recognise all the hard work throughout the pandemic and remember everyone that we lost to Covid.”


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