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Enjoying the Garden

This week has been all about getting out in the fresh air and enjoying the return of the sunshine. Our multi-talented team at Northfield has been working hard to rejuvenate our garden and the end result is really beautiful. A newly painted fence with festoon lights has brightened the area up and we now have a rockery with lovely plants and flowers in place of what were becoming very unruly shrubs.

Our residents couldn’t wait to get outside to enjoy it and the team members are rightly proud of everything they have achieved.

As part of the garden update, we have built a memorial garden to our dear colleague, Saira, who we tragically lost last month. The heart-shaped space is being seeded with forget-me-nots, with all members of staff given the opportunity to take a packet of seeds to sow either at home or in the garden itself.

At Westbourne House, we’ve also been getting outside as often as possible - even taking our domino games into the garden, as well as just spending time chatting and enjoying the occasional ice lolly.

We are very lucky to have such pleasant outside space to enjoy, as well as the conservatory at Northfield and our relaxing new lounges at Westbourne. If you are considering a Palms Row home for yourself or a loved one, please do get in touch and come and see all we have to offer.


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