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News reports on Sky News featuring the staff and residents of Palms Row Health Care homes have been recognised at the Royal Television Society Awards.

Sky's coverage of the pandemic was described by judges as a "must watch during these difficult times" and had included reportage that had "offered insight into the lives of ordinary people".

The reports led to journalist Nick Martin winning the coveted specialist journalist of the year prize.

Judges said that he had "brought to life the human dramas" in his moving accounts of people in care homes, and their family struggles, through this difficult year, but crucially, he had also "held politicians to account".

In his speech to the Awards, Nick Martin said:

"We couldn't have told this story without Nicola Richards who right at the start of the pandemic knew that something wasn't right. She had the courage to let us tell the story. Her and the staff fought so hard to keep residents alive."

The news comes after Palms Row director, Nicola Richards, was commended for speaking out with a nomination at the Covid Comms Awards.

Nicola Richards commented:

"The care sector across the country recognises that Nick Martin's reports on the crisis facing our care homes forced the government to act and take our sector seriously.

"One lasting legacy from the crisis will hopefully see local and national governments no longer treat care homes as the Cinderella sector."


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