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Big Birthdays and Crafty Creations

May is a lovely time to have a birthday - surrounded by spring flowers and with the swallows returning and bees beginning to buzz again. We were lucky enough to be involved in three wonderful birthday parties this week and are so happy that family members can once again join us to celebrate with their mums and grandmas. First up was Jean, who turned 90 at the weekend. The weather was kind, so Jean and her friends enjoyed an ice lolly and a natter in the garden after celebrations with Jean’s family indoors.

Next was the turn of Annie, who celebrated her 100th birthday on Tuesday. Annie was delighted to receive a birthday card from Her Majesty the Queen and spent a delightful few hours with her family in the conservatory. Everyone enjoyed the buffet tea with a glass of wine and a very special cake!

Finally, Marie was graced with some sunshine as she turned 93 on Friday and enjoyed a lovely tea party with her family.

On Thursday we celebrated International Nurses Day with a buffet as a thank you to our wonderful nurses. We couldn’t do what we do without them and are grateful everyday to have such a skilled, compassionate and dedicated team.

In amongst all the celebrations, our residents have enjoyed getting back to their crafts. We had fun making “palm trees” at the beginning of the week, using our handprints as templates for trunk and branches and adding green leaves and jewels for flowers. On Thursday, we got the paints out, transforming pebbles into ladybirds and bees. We’re going to hide them around the garden and hope our younger visitors will enjoy hunting them out this summer!


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