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A Busy Few Weeks

We've had a busy autumn with lots going on in our homes for both residents and staff.

Resident Update

Our crafters went to town last month creating some fabulous hallowe'en decorations which were put on display for all to enjoy. Last Monday, our hallowe'en themed meal was a huge success and featured a range of tasty treats cooked up by our fantastic kitchen teams.

Earlier in October, we were delighted to be joined at Northfield by family and friends of Vivien to celebrate her 100th Birthday. Vivien is believed to be the first person in Sheffield to receive a card from the new King and Queen Consort. Read more here: The Star.

Staff update

Our team continues to receive support and advice from Support Social Care Heroes (SSCH) including regular fruit deliveries and workshops. We found the most recent workshop on coping with the menopause, delivered as part of Menopause Awareness Month, particularly informative and look forward to implementing many of the strategies moving forwards. In a heavily female-dominated sector, many of our employees will be affected to varying degrees by symptoms of the menopause and we are proud to support them.

We nominated another two of our brilliant staff members for the Social Care Hero Awards last week:

  • Northfield's October nominee was care assistant Michaela Coley. Michaela is incredibly reliable and a highly respected team leader. Known for her heart of gold, Michaela is wonderful with our residents and takes her duties very seriously.

  • Deputy housekeeper Beverley Cutts is a huge asset to Westbourne House, well liked by all. She goes out of her way to ensure the home is up to a high standard of cleanliness, supports residents with their activities and helps in all areas of the home.

We wish them both the best of luck!


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