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Questions to ask when choosing your home

Everyone has different views about what makes a ‘good’ care home and each person’s needs are different. Questions to consider include:

  •  Does the home encourage you to do as much as possible yourself and to make choices about as many aspects of your daily lives as you can?

  •  Can you bring personal possessions – pictures, plants, furniture?

  •  Can the home meet your communication needs – for example, a language other than English, sign language, or large print?

  •  Do you choose what and when to eat? How are special diets catered for? Can you eat privately with guests from time to time? Can you prepare food and drinks yourself?

  •  Are you free to see visitors when and where you choose?

  •  Can you use a telephone in privacy, for incoming and outgoing calls?

  •  Do you get up and go to bed when you choose? If not, do you consider the arrangements to be reasonable?

  •  What provisions does the home make for outings to the shops, the theatre, place of worship, or entertainment?

  •  Is there a weekly activities plan designed around residents’ needs and wishes, and is it proactively provided?

  •  Is there more than one living room, so there is a quiet room as well as one with a television?

  •  Are there books, newspapers available?

  •  Do the managers of the home ask about how you would like to handle money or medicines?

  •  How does the home ensure valuable items are kept secure?

  •  Do you have your own GP?

  •  How will the home let you or friends know if you are taken ill?

  •  Does the home encourage you to say how you feel about living there, and provide written information about how to discuss a problem or make a complaint?

  •  Are toilets available in all parts of the home, fully equipped with handrails and other helpful equipment?

  •  Can wheelchairs go everywhere within the home and easily in and out? Is there a lift?

  •  If you need help bathing, does the home have suitable facilities? Who helps with bathing, and can you choose how often to bath or shower?

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