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Newsletter: Games and crafts

We’ve had another busy week at Palm’s Row, with our residents getting involved in a range of activities. We were all pleased to get back to the bingo - our first of 2022 - with residents enjoying a bit of healthy competition, as they vied to be first to fill their cards and claim prizes ranging from smellies to chocolates.

With the cold weather continuing to keep us mostly indoors and visitors still limited, we’ve continued to provide a variety of craft opportunities to keep spirits up. On Monday, residents decorated personalised name plaques for their doors and at the end of the week we made a start on creating brightly coloured flowers and butterflies which will eventually form part of our spring display.

Lots of our ladies treated themselves to hair and nails this week, including some very jazzy nail polish jobs which our staff were secretly quite proud of. Next week will be the gents’ turn for a spruce up.

Our activity coordinators got together on Wednesday to discuss plans for the coming months, with lots of exciting events in the pipeline from St. Patrick’s Day to International Women’s Day and of course the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Keep checking here for more details.


Want to know more about what we’re up to? We’ll soon be launching our brand new regular newsletter, bringing you a slice of life at Palms Row every week. Please send an email to to sign up.


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